About the Wonderlady

Who Is the Wonderlady?

My charming husband, Curt Kinkead, started calling me The Wonderlady back in 1992, just after we first met, when I was working on my finances and I had come to the conclusion that I needed a particular amount of money to bring everything up to date.

Once I figured that out, I basically let go of it, knowing that if I stopped struggling about it, that the money would show up somehow.

Well, the next day, in my mailbox, was a check from my parents for exactly that amount of money. They called it “early inheritance.” I had not spoken to them about my situation at all!

What had happened was that my Dad, who was a real estate broker at the time, had closed a deal, made a nice commission, and decided to share some of it with his children. (He did send an equivalent check to my baby brother in New York state.)

From that moment on, Curt insisted that I had created that money out of nothing, and if I could do that, I was clearly The Wonderlady.