CornucopiaClearAfter a packed morning of completing the review of one of the exciting upcoming books from THRIVE Publishing—Mom Enterpreneur Extraordinaire—I spent the afternoon in two meetings for our nonprofit, Respecting Our Elders. The first was with an awesome gentleman who heads up the Marin Power & Sail Squadron here in Novato, and we finalized arrangements for the Power Squadron to allow us to use one of their well-equipped rooms for our Saturday Bag Program where we put together and then distribute over 80 bags of wonderful food donated to us by Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s and Paradise Foods. The Power Squadron building has everything we need and then some, and we are totally honored to have them invite us to use their facilities. This building is one of the best kept secrets in Marin, and if you are looking for a great, affordable space for a meeting, party or even a wedding, you should check it out.  Call Al Codddington at 415-827-1122. I will have a link to more online info soon.

After that, I had a coffee date at our local Peet’s at Hamilton Marketplace with Wendy Todd, Program Director at the Marin Community Foundation, where I had the opportunity to brief her on the unique model of food distribution to seniors and others all over Marin that is the core of our Respecting Our Elders program. The truth is that talking about our nonprofit is one of the most exciting things I do, and Wendy asked some really good questions. The Marin Community Foundation is an extraordinary organization that is responsible for supporting so much good being done in Marin.

I have to say that I was totally high after these two meetings, knowing that the work that we are doing feeding about 2000 people every week is the most gratifying thing I have ever done and that with our team of over 100 volunteers we are making a huge difference in so many lives all over the County.