Publishing Services

If you have always wanted to get published and didn’t know how to make it happen, check out my offerings at, or contact me at or 415-515-9003 and I will be happy to spend up to an hour with you, reviewing the different paths that are available in the 21st century publishing world. It is a very different place than when I first started in publishing back in the 1960s!

I also LOVE working on short publishing projects.

These can include ebooks and workbooks. What I bring to the table is my comprehensive experience editing for content and grammar, as well as advising on design direction and marketing. For example, I worked with Caterina Rando on a wide range of such projects over seven years, as well as with Gale Baetz, direct-selling coach extraordinaire, on a 48-page Hostess Coaching ToolKit that needed editing and revising to get it ready for release.

I am also available to work with authors to pull together and edit full-length nonfiction books. For example, working with the amazing Caterina Rando, I worked with Shari Hudspeth, pulling together the manuscript for her Party Plan Success book, working from a variety of materials provided, including several teleseminar training transcriptions, and with a social media expert on using social media in business, where I combined an existing manuscript with her current writings to create a new, much more dynamic book.